Dropper Post Remote - V2

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  • Overview
  • The OneUp components Remote V2 is a cable actuated dropper remote designed to work with any cable operated dropper posts, giving a superior feel due to the oversized bearing and unique lever positioning.

Product details


The OneUp components dropper remote V2 is an aluminum body remote with an oversized bearing with a superior smooth action. The unique lever position allows you to keep a firmer more controlled grip of the handle bars while activating the dropper. The lever mimics the R/H shifters inboard upshift paddle position instead of the traditional downshift paddle. This means that you don't have to move your thumb as much when trying to get the dropper out of the way, inspiring confidence in even the roughest of technical terrain.


Specs and Features:

  • Match maker system: The variety of remotes available ensure that this dropper remote will blend in smoothly with whatever components you prefer
  • No bleeding: The cable operated remote works with cable based dropper posts, meaning that you never have to worry about a spongy feel from your dropper post.
  • Damage Protection: The lack of hydraulic fluid that could leak if the remote gets damaged means that you can still activate your dropper even if the lever gets damaged.