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  • Overview
  • Using the same 2:1 ingredient ratio as other Torq products Torq Gels have a blend of Maltodextrin, a long chain complex carbohydrate and Fructose (fruit sugar) this means its absorbed easier and gentle on the stomach.

Product details

Research demonstrates that individuals can absorb up to 3 Torq units per hour whilst exercising, however Torq recommend that newcomers and smaller individuals start with 2 Torq units initially and experiment with higher doses over time. In warmer environmental conditions, or during higher intensity exercise when perspiration rates are high, they recommend that you lean towards a greater intake of Torq Energy Drink units. During cooler conditions when hydration is less of an issue, more of your fuelling units should be delivered via Torq Gels and Bars.

Directions for Use
Great for high-intensity training or racing, simply rip open the Torq Gel Sachets top and squeeze into mouth. Use before and during exercise – consume as you require.