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  • Get sustained energy for your workouts with Slow Release Energy Drink. Made with Isomaltulose and natural Ocean Minerals, this low GI sports drink provides a stable energy supply and helps balance electrolytes. Lemon flavored and suitable for vegans.

Product details

HIGH5 Slow Release Energy Drink is specifically formulated to provide you with a stable and sustained energy supply during exercise. It contains Isomaltulose, a slowly digested low GI carbohydrate that avoids spiking blood sugar levels and the insulin response that comes with other sugar-containing products. This makes it a great option for longer-lasting fuel during sport.

In addition to the Isomaltulose, this energy drink has been enhanced with Ocean Minerals, a natural electrolyte complex that provides you with an invigorating hit of magnesium and over 70 minerals and trace elements. This helps to balance your electrolytes during sport. The product has been developed and tested in partnership with BORA – hansgrohe to ensure that it delivers in real-world conditions.

To use, mix 2 level scoops (40g) into 500ml of water and shake well. Drink 150-250ml every 20 minutes during exercise. You can also pre-load your muscles with the drink by taking it 90-120 minutes before the start of an event or competition. It's suitable for vegetarians and vegans and comes in a pouch with 25 servings. Get sustained energy for your workouts with HIGH5 Slow Release Energy Drink in refreshing lemon flavor.


Dosage and Usage:

Slow Release Energy Drink

Mix 2 level scoops (40 g) into 500 ml of water and shake well. Scoop included within pouch. Drink 150 – 250 ml every 20 minutes during sport.

One of the key benefits of Slow Release Energy is that it slowly provides your muscles with energy. To take advantage of this, it’s important to start fuelling early on to drip-feed your muscles throughout your ride or run.

Slow Release Energy Drink

We use Slow Release products in training for example to reduce the VLamax (lactate building rate) and therefore increase the efficiency of a rider. When racing, the Slow Release Energy products are used in the first 1 or 2 hours of a race when the intensity is rather low, for sparing muscle glycogen and increasing efficiency of fuel supply again.
Robert Gorgos, BORA – hansgrohe Head Nutritionist

How much should you consume?
When taking Slow Release Energy you should aim for around 60g carbohydrate per hour. This can be from the drinks, bars and gels so you mix it up. For example, you could drink 500ml and take a bar every hour to get to 60g carbohydrate.

Slow Release Energy Drink

Before an event or competition, pre-load your muscles by taking Slow Release Energy 90 – 120 minutes before the start. This will keep your energy stores filled for when you need it most.

High intensity exercise
There is a benefit using Slow Release Energy even when you take part in short and high intensity exercise but when you need energy quickly (for example, during high intensity sport), you should take fast-release energy products to provide you a quicker energy boost. When you take part in short and high intensity exercise, you can use Slow Release Energy in the 90-120 minutes before to pre-load your muscles with a steady energy supply. If you are doing an event or race, use Slow Release Energy early on before switching to fast-release energy products during the latter stages when the intensity is higher.