Pavement Bikes 12"- 20"

Pavement Bikes 12"- 20"

Have they mastered the balance bike? Let them try pedal cycling for the first time. Perfect for ages 3-8.

Bikes for kids.

It can be tricky getting the size right for this age as they all grow at different rates. Get in touch if you would like advice.

For an approximate size guide:

12" wheel = 2-3 yrs old

14" Wheel = 3-4 yrs old

16" Wheel = 5-6 years old

20" Wheel = 6-8 years old


Growth Spurt Guarantee

Our Growth Spurt Guarantee covers bikes up to 24" wheel size as after this they tend to get longer out of their bikes. For more information on the Growth Spurt Guarantee click here

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