HV Drive M Black - V2

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  • Overview
  • The HV Drive Mini Pump from Lezyne features an adjustable ABS Flex Hose and a lathe-turned aluminium pump barrel and shaft. The pump's ergonomic design ensures you can reach riding pressure fast, with 30% fewer strokes compared to a conventional style whe

Product details

  • Medium: 216mm, 109g
  • Max: 90psi, 6.2bar
  • Presta and Shrader valve compatible.
  • Includes lightweight composite matrix frame mount.
  • Speed-Flex Hose: Reversible, Presta only threaded and Slip-Fit System hose for fast valve engagement. Features ABS in a flexible design that stows inside pump handle when not in use.
  • Air Bleed System (ABS): When using Presta valves, pressing the ABS button releases air back pressure in the pump hose making it easy to remove the Flex Hose or Flip-Thread Chuck from the valve. ABS eliminates the challenge of unthreading removable Presta valve cores after inflation. When using Schrader valves, press the ABS button to adjust tire pressure.
  • Aluminium Construction: Aluminum is a lightweight, durable material used for handles, barrels, pistons, and various other pump components.
  • Pump Bracket: All hand pumps include a frame mountable pump bracket for easy storage while riding.
  • Composite Matrix: Composite Matrix is a high-strength fibre reinforced material used in place of aluminium to make cost-effective pump components.