Synthesis Alloy Enduro wheel i9 hub rear SRAM XD / 29

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  • Overview
  • Top performance for the entry-level class with the tuned high-end Synthesis aluminium wheel system. The concept behind the Crankbrothers Synthesis wheels meet the specific performance requirements of front and rear wheel. The compliant tuned front wheel i

Product details

Highlights of the Crankbrothers Synthesis XCT i9 Alloy Wheelset

  • Rim made of heat-treated and artificially aged 6013 T6 alloy
  • i9 / Industry Nine 101 hub set, rear with 4° Engagement
  • Freewheel options: Shimano Micro Spline, SRAM XD & Shimano/SRAM HG
  • Front wheel with 28 spokes & lower spoke tension
  • Lighter front rim with 26.5mm inner width & 31mm outer width
  • Supports a wider tire profile in front, increased volume and contact patch
  • Rear wheel with 32 spokes & higher spoke tension
  • Rugged rear rim with 24.5mm inner width & 29.2mm outer width
  • Supports a narrower tire profile in rear, improves rolling resistance, and sharpens tire edge for grip
  • Welded and sleeved rim joint for additional strength
  • Tubeless Ready


i9 / Industry Nine 101 Hub

Crankbrothers has partnered with Industry Nine for the Synthesis wheels. The i9 hubs are handbuilt in Asheville and offer an incredibly fast response. Synthesis Alloy wheels feature the high quality i9 101 entry level hub. The 101 hub is built on a robust platform and convinces with its usual good running characteristics and low maintenance. The rear wheel hub has a freewheel system with 6 dual phased-pawl drive mechanism and 4° engagement.

Details of the Crankbrothers Synthesis Alloy Wheels

Crankbrothers is proud to launch its Synthesis Alloy Wheel Range, bringing its game-changing front and rear specific tuned wheel concept to an aluminum wheel set. Crankbrothers Synthesis Wheels take a new approach to wheel systems, focusing on combining a compliant front wheel with a stiff rear wheel to achieve optimal ride characteristics for each.

The compliant front wheel improves handling and control in turns, while the stiff rear wheel enhances stability and tracking at speed. In the Alloy range, these differing characteristics are achieved by variations chosen in spoke tension, spoke weight, spoke count, rim width, and rim weight.

The Crankbrothers Synthesis Alloy Range will feature Enduro, Cross Country/Trail, and E-MTB models, aiming to accommodate as many riders as possible. The Range will include two hub options in the Enduro and Cross Country/Trail models; a Crankbrothers hub, and an Industry Nine 1/1 hub, providing 4 degrees of engagement. Rim-only Cross Country/Trail and Enduro options will also be available.

Crankbrothers Boost Wheels

This Boost version of the Synthesis wheel positively effects the physics of your wheel. Its wider hub results in a stiffer and stronger wheel. Centrifugal forces can be absorbed more easily. Another advantage is the bigger space between rim and chain which allows for wider tires than on non-boost wheels.