Grassroots Enduro Series

At Feel Good Bicycles, we are proud to be a sponsor of the Grassroots Enduro Series, a local mountain bike racing series that encourages anyone to try racing in a simple format.

The Grassroots Enduro Series is run by local clubs and aims to make racing accessible to everyone, regardless of age or gender. The one day blind race format is unique in that riders do not get to practice in advance, but can attempt the stages multiple times as they like before the cut-off time (usually a maximum of two attempts per stage). While newcomers are encouraged to have a go, the technical standard of the trails and venues is on par with regional and national Enduro competitions.

As a sponsor of the Grassroots Enduro Series, Feel Good Bicycles is committed to supporting the local mountain biking community and promoting the sport. We provide prizes and support to riders, helping them to achieve their goals.

Events for 2023:

Event: Date:
Round 1 - Killaloe April 2nd
Round 2 - Mullaghmeen April 23rd
Round 3 - Clonmel May 21st
Round 4 - Bree June 18th
Round 5 - Hush September 17th

** Please note that bookings for these events become available at 9pm on the Monday that is one month before the event date. Due to high demand, tickets typically sell out within seconds, so we recommend booking quickly to avoid disappointment. **

Get Involved:

If you're looking to try racing or support the local mountain biking community, the Grassroots Enduro Series is an excellent opportunity to get involved. Head over to the Grassroots Enduro website and sign up today, we'll see you on the trails!