Dropper Post Remote - V3

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  • Overview
  • A lightweight lever with a replaceable rubber thumb pad, compatible with all major clamp standards. The integrated cable port with cut marks makes installation easy and keeps your cable tidy.

Product details

The OneUp Components Dropper Post Remote - V3, the ultimate upgrade for your dropper post. With its lighter action design and replaceable rubber thumb pad, this dropper post lever improves the feel and performance of any cable actuated dropper post.

The V3 Dropper Remote is compatible with all major clamp standards, making it the easiest way to upgrade any dropper post. You can even reuse your existing V2 clamp with the remote only option.

The replaceable rubber thumb pad is designed for better grip and feel, and can be colour matched to your bike. The integrated cable port with cut marks makes installing your remote even easier and keeps your cable end tidy for a super clean look.

The new lever cam reduces the thumb force needed to actuate your dropper post, requiring 27% less actuation force than the V2 remote. 

The kit includes one remote body, one black thumb cushion, cable, housing, cable end and barrel end. Please note that it is not compatible with 2x/3x systems (Front shifters) or remote lockout systems, and is not compatible with V1 OneUp Remote clamps.

Upgrade your mechanical dropper post today with the OneUp Components Dropper Post Remote - V3 and experience improved performance and feel on your rides.