Christmas Gift Buying Guide for Cyclists

Searching for the ideal Christmas gift for the cyclist in your life? We have you covered with our curated guide for road and mountain biking enthusiasts. Find the perfect present that speaks to their passion. Spread the joy of cycling this festive season with Feel Good Bicycles.


For Road Cyclists:

Pedal into the Christmas season with our Road Bike Christmas Gift Guide. Get the road cyclist in your life a gift that combines style and performance, ensuring they ride in comfort and look great on every journey.


Light up the road with our top-notch lights for road cyclists. The Cateye AMPP 800 Front Light and the Kinetic X2 Rear Light – the dynamic duo that transforms night rides into a well-lit journey.


As the winter winds set in, cycling enthusiasts know the importance of keeping hands warm and ready for the road. Enter the unsung heroes of winter rides – cycling gloves.

Winter Clothing:

These winter jackets blend warmth, protection, and style, ensuring every ride is a comfortable and stylish adventure.

Also, check out some smaller items that road cyclists just can't do without this winter:


For Mountain Bikers:

We've handpicked the perfect presents for the trailblazer in your life. This Christmas, gift the joy of off-road exploration with Feel Good Bicycles.


For the mountain biker who craves adventure, elevate their ride with the perfect gift – metal pedals designed to conquer the toughest trails. These robust pedals provide unmatched durability and grip, ensuring every descent and climb is met with confidence and control. With a variety of colours available, you can be sure to match their bike.


There's no better gift than a pair of high-performance mountain biking goggles. These sleek, purpose-built goggles are designed to enhance their trail experience, providing clear vision and protection against the elements.


Make their mountain biking experience exceptional with the gift of MTB shoes – where form meets function on every trail adventure.

If they have flat pedals on their bike, pick up a pair of clipless shoes:

If they're equipped with the clip pedals, grab a par of the clipped-in shoes:


The right pair of gloves can make all the difference. Mountain bike gloves aren't just accessories; they're essential companions designed to enhance the ride in every way.


In the world of mountain biking, the connection between rider and bike is paramount, and it all begins with the grip. MTB grips shape the feel and control of every ride, whether tackling technical descents or navigating winding trails. Available in a variety of colours so you can choose a pair of grips to match their bike!


For that mountain biker always looking for new trails to shred:

For another quick stocking filler, check out these straps to keep their gear on their bike: